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At the El Campo Memorial Hospital Therapy Department, we believe that rehabilitative intervention is a holistic approach for the betterment of an individual's physiological and psychological needs. It can be dramatically effective in increasing an individual's functional level as well as psychological self worth. The goal of the El Campo Memorial Hospital Therapy Department is to strive to provide the highest quality of rehabilitative services to patients and their families. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy work together to meet each patient's needs. If we can help you to achieve your therapy goals, please bring your prescription for therapy to the El Campo Memorial Hospital Therapy Department. For more information, please call 979-578-5214.


El Campo, Texas
1602 N. Mechanic
(Located in the Sutherland's parking lot)
Phone: 979-578-5214
Fax: 979-401-3242
Bay City, Texas
720 Ave. F North, Suite 3
(Inside Dr. Liberoni's Office Bldg)
Phone: 979-244-4720
Fax: 979-244-4728
Wharton, Texas
(Coming Soon...)
1403 Valhalla Drive
(Next to Dr. Nathan Nguyen's office)
Palacios, Texas
311 Green Ave.
(Palacios Community Medical Center-Hospital)
Phone: 361-972-2511
Fax: 361-972-0149

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy has a special role in helping people regain or improve their maximum level of function. Many physicians find therapy to be an important part of your medical treatment. We specialize in treatments for all ages, from infants to geriatrics.

Our department has a wide scope of expertise, including:

Acute/chronic pain syndromes
Neck/back pain
Muscle spasms
General weakness
Sports injuries
Joint sprains/strains
Balance problems
Vertigo (dizziness)
Ambulation problems
Soft tissue injury
Joint contracture
Edema/swelling disorders
Wound care
Parkinson's Disease
Total joint replacement
School based therapy

Wellness programs for:
High cholesterol
High blood pressure

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy practitioners work with people of all ages who because of physical, developmental, social, or emotional disabilities and deformities require specialized assistance to lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives.

ECMH occupational therapy staff offers:
Customized treatment programs aimed at improving abilities to carry out functional activities
Evaluations of home and/or job environments and recommendations on necessary adaptations
Assessments and treatment for work performance skills
Recommendations and training in the use of adaptive equipment to assist with loss of function

Services include:
Inpatient acute care
Outpatient therapy
Home health
Long term care

The following individuals benefit from occupational therapy services:
People with strains, tears, broken bones, or post surgical
People who suffer from stroke, heart attack, head injury, falls, or accidents
People with work related injuries
People with physical or mental disabilities
Children with learning or developmental disabilities
People with fine motor manipulation and coordination difficulty or hand injuries
People requiring job specific evaluations and treatment programs
People requiring ergonomic evaluations

Speech Therapy

Communication is an essential part of everyday life. It increases an individual's independence and self esteem. A major goal of speech therapy is to improve a person's ability to communicate, so they can successfully function in everyday activities. Speech Therapy addresses speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing difficulty in all age groups.

Oral Communication

Speech/Language deficits
Developmental language deficits
Articulation disorders
Fluency (stuttering)
Voice problems (chronic hoarseness, nasality, breathiness)
Dysarthria (oral muscle weakness/slurred speech)
Apraxia (oral/verbal motor programming problem)
Aphasia (neurologically based language deficit)


Cognitive evaluation
Memory deficits
Problem solving deficits
Organizational difficulties
Safety awareness
Orientation (person, place, time, situation)
Processing problems


Swallowing/choking problems
Bedside swallow evaluation
Modified barium swallow study
Swallow therapy
Swallowing strategies/precautions


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El Campo Memorial Hospital (ECMH) and its predecessor have been providing the highest quality medical care in El Campo for over 68 years, and at the current location since 1979.The hospital is accredited by state and federal regulations (Medicare/Medicaid). Patient Billing: Various physicians involved in your care at ECMH will bill you directly for their services. These may include your anesthesiologist, emergency room physician(s), radiologist, pathologist, cardiologist or other consulting physician during your ER visit or hospital stay. Please remember that some physicians are private practitioners (contracted by ECMH and not an actual employee of ECMH) and may not be a provider on your specific managed care plan.