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El Campo Memorial Hospital's mammography unit is an American College of Radiology accredited unit. Mammography is an imaging instrument used in the detection of tumors, fibrocystic disease, and breast cancer. Mammography is still your best chance for the detection of breast cancer - it's especially important to get a mammogram every year starting at age 40. Finding breast cancer early can save your life, and El Campo Memorial Hospital promotes Breast Cancer Awareness annually during the month of October.

We offer the new, Softer Mammogram

El Campo Memorial Hospital is certified as a Softer Mammogram Provider®, a distinction awarded only to an elite group of healthcare facilities. That means we provide a soft foam cushion, called MammoPad®, for each woman's personal use during every screening mammogram.

As a Softer Mammogram Provider, we make it a top priority to ensure your mammogram is warm and comfortable. It's one way we provide the tender loving care you deserve.

The MammoPad breast cushion was designed for women by a female breast surgeon. It is FDA-cleared, does not impair image quality, and makes it easier for you to be relaxed, warm and comfortable during your exam. That helps our highly skilled mammography technologists achieve the best possible mammogram.

To schedule a Softer Mammogram, or if you have other questions, call the ECMH Radiology Department at 979-578-5242.

MammoPad® has already helped millions of women ease the discomfort of getting a mammogram. MammoPad was designed by a female breast surgeon to provide a Softer Mammogram and make mammography more comfortable. The cushion brings warmth, comfort, and cleanliness to the experience.
Clinical studies prove the breast cushion significantly reduces the discomfort and cold that many women feel during mammography. About 70% of women reported it reduced their discomfort by half. MammoPad is an adhesive-backed, single-use cushion is FDA-cleared and has no effect on image quality.


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